Something to think about!

I was asked by someone why is LiP not helping out during beginning of school here. That’s going to be June here in the Philippines. That really made me think a lot at first. But after thinking hard, I think its better not for now.  We did help out before, a few years ago using…

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More Thoughts on Opportunity in the Philippines

Recently I wrote and article here entitled Retire Young in the Philippines — But What About My Children .  The thrust of the article was to explore the ideas and possibilities that are somewhat unique to military retirees, especially the idea that it’s not only possible to move to the Philippines at younger age, but…

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Dear Feyma: “Question on expats who home-school”

I got an email from our reader here, his name is James. He is asking about any expats who home-school their kids. I was asked same inquiries before. Instead of answering him with I don’t know I want to ask here first instead. I was thinking not just James has the same some questions about…

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“Brigada” the new requirements!

Brigada Eskwela

The new requirements now to enroll a kid here in the Philippines in a public school for grade school and high school are to do a Brigada. The “Brigada” or also known as Bayanihan. To work together to do something useful for the classroom or the school.  It’s mostly and effort of  the teachers, parents, students…

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A sponsored kid! She’s a good and behaved kid!

Bob with Junalyn and her family

As every one of you knows that we’ve been having a Christmas drive every year here for 11 years now. About 2 years ago we also sponsored 4 kids for their food for lunch everyday until that school year end. During that summer we also gave those 4 kids part time jobs here at the…

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Back to school now here in the Philippines!

Getting Ready for Registration

Not really fun to be going to the mall at this time. Too many people shopping for school supplies. You will be there for the long haul. Some people from the province come here to buy the school supplies. Can’t blame them,with the economy right now, people are really hunting for a bargain.  I think…

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