Paul Thompson

I Guess I’m Between the Poles

By Paul Thompson | February 16, 2010 | 34

I made a Doctor’s appointment last week, as I’ve been having trouble sleeping through the night. Now my father had joked with me years ago that it was quite common as you get older. (Meaning many trips to the CR at night) I smiled and said that I was middle aged and was not too worried about that. He said, “Middle aged you think, son you’re fifty, are you planning on living to a hundred,…

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Winter and Cold

By Paul Thompson | February 9, 2010 | 31

Mr. Paul Keating, my fellow LIP writer wrote a great article about winter last month, with a lot of responses from people who were still wearing thermal socks. I’ll say that the popular response was anti-winter. And yet they still live through it every year, as with that Mid-Atlantic Blizzard that’s happening as I write. I guess it would be the same for me when I chose the Philippines to live, and then if I…

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It’s All Up Hill From Here

By Paul Thompson | February 2, 2010 | 12

In choosing to live here, I wonder if we fully realize all that is involved. I live in Roosevelt, Dinilupihan Bataan. While I was at the city hall I asked why there was no trash collection in my barangay. Their response being, that it was to far from Dinilupihan for the truck to go. Now using their logic, I asked them if I could give that same reason for why I’m not paying my property…

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Do you have one?

By Paul Thompson | January 26, 2010 | 41

Have what, you could ask? An, I love me wall, do you have one? First, what is a I love me wall? It’s that one wall in your house with all your awards, photos, and or things that you feel belong there. Hey Paul, is this a military thing? That answer is no, unless you were in the military, then it is. If you were not then it’s related to your career or hobbies. A…

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Fulfilled in the Philippines

By Paul Thompson | January 19, 2010 | 46

Ten years ago I bought two Dream satellite systems, as no cable is available in my area of Bataan. Since I can enjoy watching a stateside NFL Games and Baseball on the ESPN channel, albeit I must get up early some days to view the games, in my opinion it’s worth it, to me. There are a couple of other good channels, such as History, Discovery, and National Geographic plus regular TV and movies. Last…

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They can always Fix It!

By Paul Thompson | January 12, 2010 | 26

In The states I think it’s called, “Planned Obsolescence”, you buy it, you use it, and then you junk it, and replace it. But not so in the Philippines, anything and everything can be fixed and or wired and duct taped, so it works a while longer. My wife used to pick things out of my junk pile, that I’d thrown away and explain to me that it was still good, how could it be…

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