I’m Not Fooling, the Weather is Cooling!

Arazona Floating Bar

Most years the Philippine weather is as predictable as a politicians lie. We take it for granted and we are only surprised when it doesn’t happen the normal way. Here in Dinalupihan Bataan some things are a “For Sure”. Stand in front of your house, or pretty much anywhere for that matter. Take a kid,…

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How High Is the Water Mama?

Surfing Manila

Was a song from long ago, sung by Johnny Cash, and the next verse goes; “About two feet high and rising!” This past three weeks in Southern Luzon has been nothing but rain, and then some more rain. I’m fully aware that this is the monsoon season and one should expect to be a little…

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I like the Rain

The beach from my Condo

Fearless Leader “Bob” Martin has established Davao Mindanao as the LiP Headquarters. Last July 6th he mentioned that I should move down south because there is no rainy season. As I thought about It, I realized I’d miss my rainy season, it is something you can depend on, Plus in the dry season we can…

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Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head

Olongapo City 2013

For the past 20 years you could set your watch on the monsoons, the middle of May it would start with the exception of the El Nino Phenomenon, which they (The old Pinoy Guy at the end of my road) says will occur about every seven years. Every morning I check the local PAGASA report…

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Mayang Was Right

Where the debris goes I'll never ask

There is nothing shocking about that statement, as she usually is, and I’m not saying that to garner Pogi Points. But over the years I’ve been wise enough pay attention to her. Remember the TV commercials for E.F Hutton Investment Firm: When they speak everyone listens… A while back she had the trees trimmed (Read…

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Ye Ole Typhoon Season

Still trimming the mango tree

The typhoon season is fast approaching my little patch of the world, and getting prepared is part of the yearly drill. Last month the roof was made ready by waterproofing and painting, everything was removed from the roof patio and stowed away until November. But as usual the two remaining Mango Trees in my neighbor’s…

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