UPDATE — First Month Back

Well, it’s almost been a month since Baket ko (Asawa ko) [my Wife] and I have returned home to our beloved Pasuquin. Who’d want to quibble over a few days plus or minus? Enough has happened in the past few weeks to provide enough information to compose an “update” article. I can’t get over just…

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It Was an Odd Couple of Days

Banana trees did not fare well!

Last Thursday Mayang and I were making preparations for Typhoon Yolanda which was due the next day. First we stocked up on gas for the old faithful Honda generator. Put everything that is not nailed down outside, into the Man Cave in back, made sure the pump to my well was working, in case city…

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Foghorn the Frog

It could live there

First thing, my knowledge of amphibians is extremely limited, so the creature I referred to as a frog could well be a toad (Named the Rhinella Marina) but whatever group it aligns it’s self with, it’s loud. Most of my knowledge of frogs comes from an old 50-60’s TV show called The Buster Brown Show…

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Missing Rainy Season?

One of the reasons that Baket ko (Asawa ko) [my Wife] and I take our annual vacation at this time of year is to enjoy “summertime” in the States while leaving “rainy season” behind.  Nature is so very kind to us, allowing us to enjoy warm, sunny days throughout the year.  Or so we thought.…

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Life is Good

It is already the month of May.  Gee, how time flies when you prefer to enjoy its normally relaxing, slow pace.  May is the month of sunshine, flowers and, for us, travel. This is the month for our annual “vacation” back in the United States, and the long flights and travel hassles that will get…

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The Skies Are Clearing

I’m tired.  I’ve fought the good fight and now desire to fight less and relax more.  Besides, it’s no longer raining/pouring as I reported in the past few weeks – the skies are clearing. There are still some clouds in those skies that deserve a little investigation and reporting, but that’s for later on, perhaps. …

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