Apologies & Turkey

By PaulK | December 11, 2015 | 3

Dear readers:   Your humble scribe must start out with an apology to all for skipping a week with the articles.  Some week it’s been.   Saying that “Life sometimes gets in the way” is putting it mildly.  For this provinciaño, life did the week in. Baket ko (Asawa ko) [my Wife] and I did manage to make the trip to Bauang, La Union for the Thanksgiving dinner and for the VFW Post 9892 Annual…

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I’m Late!

By PaulK | November 25, 2015 | 12

“I’m late!  I’m late!  For a very important date!  No time to say ‘Hello,’ goodbye!”  I’m late!  I’m late!” For those of you young at heart, you may remember the White Rabbit crooning this tune in Walt Disney’s version of “Alice in Wonderland.”  Well, meet Mr. Rabbit.  Here I am, as late as ever. What are you late for?  you may well ask.  Well, I’m late for just about everything these past two weeks, including being…

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Big Scare

By PaulK | November 18, 2015 | 17

It’s good to be “back in the saddle again,” as Gene Autry used to croon.  (Yes, showing a bit of age, there, with reference to “America’s Favorite Singing Cowboy” from far too many years ago.)  Being back home, back at the keyboard, and back at it – spinning tales, sharing news, etc., etc., etc.; it sure is nice. Some of you, dear readers, may have noticed a little change in the tenor of my articles…

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On Seeing the Elephant

By PaulK | November 11, 2015 | 10

Author’s Note:  As we approach the observation of Veterans Day (U.S.) – aka Remembrance Day or Armistice Day – an article in keeping with the spirit of the season is offered to you, dear readers, for your consideration.  P.K. N.B. This article, dear readers, is a “crafted” article. While, yes, it’s “hand-crafted” on the virtual keyboard of my tablet (and physical keyboards on laptops when the tablet screams, “Low Batt!”), that’s really not the “crafting” to which I…

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By PaulK | November 4, 2015 | 8

Another article, and another short and sweet title.  Short and sweet in hopes of luring you, dear readers, deep into the paragraphs of thoughts presented here. Learning something new, remembering something old, being entertained, being roused to the support or condemnation of a position; these are some of the goals set for these articles.  Perhaps, in this one, we can achieve a few of the goals – either sequentially, simultaneously, or luckily through happenstance. Now,…

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Blog O’ Evil

By PaulK | October 28, 2015 | 25

As we approach that time of the year when spirits move to the forefront, and celebrations of “Halloween” (U.S.) and “All Souls’ Day” are just around the corner, it’s time for a hauntingly true tale. No ghosts or spectre from beyond need appear here. There’s enough “evil” in our real world. We don’t need to invite the “evils” of fantasy or imagination. There’s more than enough “evil” in the real world to make our hair…

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