I’m Goin’ To the Dogs

The Spitz patrol

When my granddaughter was very young she was searching for a puppy, and her other set of overindulgent grandparents made sure she got what she wanted. My specialty of overindulgence lay in a different direction. But I was involved somewhat with the dogs. When she moved on to the next puppy I always adopted the…

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Parameter Lizards or “Gated Communities”

Over the years the Navy sent me to many different duty stations around the world. I’ll use Puerto Rico (An American territory) as the classic example. In today’s vernacular they would be called “Gated Communities” because I was stationed with people whose only view of Puerto Rico had a 12 foot high Chain link fence…

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Where are the Birds of Paradise?

Is this a bird of paradise?

When I first visited the Philippines I was disappointed to not see colorful wild birds like parrots, toucans, cockatoos, etc. Come to think of it I did not see or hear the singing of many ordinary wild birds.  About the only birds I saw and heard clucking and crowing were chickens. Rosters are handsome birds,…

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Dog Years


For years I’ve heard the ratio was 7 to 1, but I recently found out that is not it at all. According to the interwebby thingy this is the equation: For the first two years, a dog year is equal to 10.5 human years. After that, each dog year equals 4 human years. This calculation…

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A blessing in the province

For Filipino families who live out in the province, life is quite different than for those who live in the city, or even from those in small towns.  Out in the province, life is still very unchanged from back in the days of yesteryear.  As Feyma reported in her article yesterday, our niece, Sahara (her…

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Our baby has babies!

Feeding Time

Well, almost over a year ago I wrote about that we had new baby in the house. The name of that baby was Blue. Our helper got her from the ditch (canal) here near the house. Well just 10 months from we found her she gave us 5 kittens. The runt kitten died the next day.…

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