Buy/Rent Property

Renting in the Philippines

renting in the philippines

Buying or Renting in the Philippines? Why I think it is better to rent Should you be renting in the Philippines? Sometime in the past, I published an article here about renting a place to live. Almost immediately after the article was published, a number of people questioned why I would be renting in the Philippines…

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Philippine Real Estate Primer

philippine property primer

It is the #1 Question of Foreigners Can I own Land in the Philippines? Philippine Real Estate, it is a prime topic of foreigner conversation. In this article, we will address the hottest topic out there in terms of foreigners living in the Philippines. The ownership of real estate here. Let’s have a look at…

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Are There Zoning Laws in the Philippines?

This was the worst area until I hired the GUY

I’m going to assume there are none, and with that I have no problem. But it just doesn’t seem to matter to anyone, The rich guy builds the nice place with all the Pinoy Gingerbread decorations and the house next door is an unpainted square hollow block home yet they are neighbors who still get…

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Let’s Build A House

02 The roof was gone within an houre

I was out to sea most of the time while my house was being built so I didn’t see that much of the construction. Plus living here for over 20 years I never took the time to give it much attention until September 2014. That has opened my eyes. The roosters are gone next door,…

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How to find a place to live? EAM

House for Rent

Well, I am back again with my Podcast called “The Expat Answer Man“. To listen to the Podcast, just click on the play button of the audio player that you will see just above this article. Today is the very second episode of this podcast, but I hope to include it here on LiP once per week…

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The Domicile

05 Back yard & Mancave

One guy has his reasons for renting a house; the other guy has his reasons for building or buying his. And they both are right but during this heated debate that I’ve heard over the long years I’ve lived here, there is the silent point of view, the one that really matters the most. What…

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