Throwaway Ticket

Am I required to have a round trip ticket?

Round Trip?

Everybody seems to think that you need a round trip airplane ticket when you come to the Philippines.  Truth is, there is no such law requiring a round trip ticket. There is a law that, for most passengers arriving n the Philippines, they need an ongoing ticket.  An ongoing ticket and a round trip ticket…

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What is a “throw away” ticket?

What is it?

Never heard of a throw away ticket?  Why would you throw away an airline ticket?  Well, read on and I will explain! An airline ticket that is a throw away ticket is just what the name implies… a ticket that you will simply throw away. If you are traveling to the Philippines, depending on your…

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Who Needs an Ongoing Ticket?

Tourist Visa

For anybody traveling to the Philippines, depending on your Visa type, you might need an “ongoing ticket” upon arrival. Don’t understand what an “ongoing ticket” is, read here to get a full explanation! Check Visa types below and read the information, which will tell you if an ongoing ticket is required. Tourist Visa Waiver A…

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