Philippine Culture

If you are going to live in the Philippines, you will live a happier life if you learn about the culture!  Without a knowledge of the culture of Filipinos you will find yourself very confused and most likely very unhappy with life here.

The more you learn, though, the more you will understand and be able to accept the way things are here, and you will find yourself happier.

You may want to check out my book – Philippine Culture Manual for Foreigners, it will help you a lot in achieving an understanding of how things work in the Philippines and why.

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Philippine Culture is based on the SIR concept – “Smooth Interpersonal Relationships”.  If you can learn and understand this, you will understand the Philippines a lot better.

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Language Learning

Between 2006 and 2011 I learned to speak Cebuano/Bisaya, which is the language that is spoken in the region that I live.  There are more than 200 languages spoken in the Philippines so be sure to choose the one that they speak where you intend to live!

Learning the language is, in my opinion, the key to having a happy life in the Philippines.

I offer language lessons on my Language Learning Site.

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Philippine News

From time to time there are items in the Philippine News that come up for discussion on the site.

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Philippine Politics

Get ready for a ride!  Philippine Politics can be really wild!  Learn more about the politics by reading the archives.

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The weather in the Philippines can be almost as wild as the politics!  Learn about the weather of the Philippines by reading the archives.

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