My Phil Health was Cancelled?

And I don’t blame them at all; it seems that for some odd reason my wife Mayang let our Phil Health Insurance lapse. I found out the hard way, the day we needed it! Bob Martin has spoken at length what a good deal Phil Health is and its different plans and of course I…

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“Fix It Time” Pt I

Returning home can mean only one thing:  It’s “Fix It Time.” A five-month absence didn’t only make the heart grow fonder, it automatically generated a giant “To Do” list of items that – as far as I can see – serves but one purpose:  to devour all available spare time.  “Fix It Time,” unwittingly has…

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Wow, just wow!

Sometimes marriages don’t work out, they end in divorce.  That is probably at least as common as success, I guess.  I have been lucky. In August 1990, I married Feyma Bayoy.  We have been married for more than 26 years now.  You all know Feyma because she regularly writes on this website. When I married…

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Almost there!

I am writing this article on Sunday, October 30.  Right now, I don’t know for sure when my coming heart surgery will take place, but I expect it to be soon. Here is where we stand right now Over the past few weeks, we have been working mostly doing stuff for the insurance company, PhilHealth.…

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Updated: Testing, testing

In the cath lab, I am ready for angiogram

Note from MindanaoBob: I have been getting a lot of requests for me to run this article again, so I am doing so today.  Additionally, I am adding a current update at the end of the article. As most of you readers will recall, back in June I had a heart attack.  I came home…

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A major downside to expat living

I have been living in the Philippines for nearly 17 years now!  It’s been a long haul, and a very good life.  I have really enjoyed living here, and my eyes have been opened to many things.  I have learned a lot, been exposed to other expats from nearly any country you can think of,…

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