Got ‘Net?

It’s time for a change.  Time for a little twist – a tweak to the status quo.  It’s time to dig deep, and come up with something that may be useful yet informative.  Time to take off the kid gloves, and put on the 18 oz. gloves to spar with an old nemesis:  Slow Internet Access.…

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So what’s New About Any of This?

Dongle Slowdown

2014 and my internet connection is hit and miss again. About every six months it occurs, I am now of the firm belief that it’s done purposely by Globe Telecommunications with the sole intension of selling me a new Tattoo dongle. (This conversation was overheard from the back room at Globe Olongapo Office) “Hey guys;…

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Never Dangle Your Dongle

Never dangle your dongle

Last week during “End of an Epic” I glanced over the subject of dangling my Tattoo Dongle (By Globe) out of my window during a leading edge of a typhoon, which I recommend not doing in the future. As I said they are not water proof and they function very poorly when damp. The following…

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The Skies Are Clearing

I’m tired.  I’ve fought the good fight and now desire to fight less and relax more.  Besides, it’s no longer raining/pouring as I reported in the past few weeks – the skies are clearing. There are still some clouds in those skies that deserve a little investigation and reporting, but that’s for later on, perhaps. …

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Down To the Wire

Hey, we found Paul Thompson! Posted by my friend Randy

Beware the ides of March I commented last week, little did I know that it would jump up and bite me square on the butt. It was Friday the 15th I was puterin’ away as happy as a clam at a New England Clam Bake. Dumb as dirt and just a huntin’ and a peckin’…

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Smart 2 Slo 2 No Bro

Here I am, sitting at the keyboard of the laptop once again, pounding out an article for Live in the Philippines.  I can’t tell you how happy I am to be able to do this.  For the past seventeen (17) – that’s right, seventeen – days and nights, pounding on this same keyboard would have…

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