USA vs Philippines

Filipino vs. USA: Comfort Room

The CR

I roll off the air mattress and under the mosquito net. I grab a towel and head for the CR at Mama’s house for my morning ritual. The door to the CR no longer closes completely since the Bohol Earthquake, so I hang the towel over the door to alert everyone that I am doing…

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Filipino vs USA: Cheeseburger in Paradise

Happy 50th birthday to me

I held in my two trembling hands the massive Amazing Aloha Champ Burger from Jollibee’s. I had purchased this sandwich on the last day of my stay in Bohol after finally giving in to the temptation of 1/3 lbs. of beef cheeseburger with a slice of pineapple and bacon. Jollibee’s had thoughtfully wrapped the sandwich…

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Philippines vs. USA: Beaches

Philippine Beach Beauties

I am not a big beach bum type person, but I do enjoy going on occasion to a beach. The things I look for in a beach trip are as follows: sand and sea, scenery, swimming and shelter. The purpose of this article is to compare my experiences at the beach in the Philippines to…

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Philippines vs. USA: Pig Cooking

“Do you want to watch us kill your pig?” my wife’s eldest brother asked. My initial thought was that I did not want to watch my pig being sacrificed to feed a great multitude. This was in fact the first live pig I had ever owned. We had bought it a couple of days ago…

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Filipino vs USA Peanut Butter

It is 5:45 am; I slide under the mosquito net and off the air mattress lying on the concrete floor that I sleep on at Mama’s house. My two sons are sleeping in the wood frame bed. I could fit on the bed with them, but since when I do they take turns kicking me…

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Swimsuit Issues

“Where are you from?”, the beautiful young bikini-clad lady asked me as I stood on the beach with my two young sons playing in the Dumaluan Beach sand at my feet. After answering the young lady’s question, an innocent casual conversation was started between the young lady and me. While we chatted the young lady’s…

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