Why Leave Your Country

Deja Vu, All Over Again?

Paul Keating

Queue Carly Simon: “Anticipation, Anticipation Is making me late Is keeping me waiting.” Many of you, dear readers, who have completed their trek to the Philippines in search of that “better life,” know the feeling.  Those of you with firm plans for making the same trek are, most likely, experiencing the feeling while you read…

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What was I saying?

Victims of the recent shooting in VA

A couple of months ago I wrote an article that got a ton of comments… nearly 500 to be precise. I am trying to remember, what was that article all about?  Oh yes, now I recall… “It’s time to get out…” In that article, I talked about my feeling that the USA is falling apart,…

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It’s time to get out

Bridge is falling apart, requiring protection below

The day after tomorrow is July 4th.  Independence Day in the USA.  It is with no pleasure that I write this article, but maybe it is time for Independence FROM the USA. I try to be a well reasoned guy.  I try not to be reactionary.  Sometimes, though, things that we all say might come…

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