Emergency Generators in the Philippines

My Generator

I live in a small city here in the Philippines and yes we have, as they are called here Brownouts, a lot of them. Since the first of the year, our longest blackout was a little over 3 days due to downed lines. At least that is what I was told. If you couple this…

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Building Codes, Zoning Laws in the RP So What?

intramuros in Manila

As I traveled from country to country, on every continent during my working life on ships, the one thing I enjoyed was the World Heritage Sights in countries, cities and, ports that had these fantastic places to see and visit around the world. I don’t know about Antarctica (South Pole) as that is the one…

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Dealing with Brownouts

Power Bannks are a life saver

Brownouts are a big part of our lives these days here in Davao, and for others around the Philippines. Especially in Mindanao where Davao is probably the most hard hit city.  That’s why I am writing about it again today.  Last week, Aaron wrote an article about Brownouts on Tuesday, and I wrote a sort…

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It’s time to get out

Bridge is falling apart, requiring protection below

The day after tomorrow is July 4th.  Independence Day in the USA.  It is with no pleasure that I write this article, but maybe it is time for Independence FROM the USA. I try to be a well reasoned guy.  I try not to be reactionary.  Sometimes, though, things that we all say might come…

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Dealing with Brownouts – EAM

Need a Generator?

Well, anybody who has spent any time in the Philippines would know that brownouts, or as we would call them, Blackouts, can be a big problem in many parts of the Philippines.  Living without electricity is not very fun though. How do you deal with it? Well, today I got a question from Tommy, who…

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Chargin’ up!

In the Dark

Looks like there’s trouble in River City.  Or should I say trouble in the City on the Gulf.  The Gulf of Davao.  Of course, what I mean is that there is trouble looming in Davao City. What kind of trouble?  Well, let’s go back to 2008 and start at the beginning, where any good story…

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