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In the past 2 to 3 days, I have had discussions with two different people about homesickness.  In the first instance, a Filipina who is living in the USA left a comment on one of my blogs saying how she was very homesick for her previous life in the Philippines.  I told her that I certainly understood her feelings, because when my Filipina wife first came to live in the States, she often experienced homesickness.  As a matter of fact, for about 3 years or so, she had regular bouts of homesickness.  For the other 7 years she lived in the States, she had occasional homesickness problems, but not nearly as often.

Earlier today, a fellow asked me if I got homesick, since I am living so far from my family and the things that I grew up with in the States.  Well, it is true, I do get homesick from time to time, but it is not often enough that I consider it a problem.  I have lived here for almost 7 years now, and I would say that I have been homesick only about 4 or 5 times or so.  When I got homesick, it generally lasted from a couple hours up to a full day at the most.  It certainly doesn’t happen often.

How to Move to the Philippines Manual

Another question that he asked is if I miss my family back in the States.  I don’t mean to sound callous or uncaring, but I don’t really miss them.  I guess the reason is probably because I have Vonage VOIP telephone service, so I can call and talk to my Mom whenever I want to, and she can call me.  We normally talk daily, and sometimes several times per day.  Because of that, we are still in touch and keep our connection going.  Also, my Mom has been here to visit us twice, and will be here a third time soon.  So, I am able to maintain good contact with my family, and that feels good.  I believe that it also helps me from getting homesick.

So, will you get homesick when you move here?  Of course you will from time to time.  I don’t believe there is any way around that!  But, you can also take steps to minimize the homesickness, keep in close contact with your family and friends, and generally have the best of both worlds!

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Bob Martin

Bob Martin is the Publisher & Editor in Chief of the Live in the Philippines Web Magazine. Bob is an Internet Entrepreneur. Bob is an American who lived in Mindanao from 2000 until 2019. Bob has now relocated back to the USA.

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17 years ago

Congrats on your choice of destination!

I like the Philippines as well, just want to travel a bit more before settling down. Send my regards to Bohol, Boracay, Camiguin, Malapascua and all the other lovely islands!

Please checkout my blog for some article and photos:

Cheers, 😉
Chris http://www.nomad4ever.com

17 years ago

Hi Chrs – thanks for leaving your comment. I hope you make it to the Philippines to settle one day.

15 years ago

ive lived here in the states for almost a decade now but i still get homesick a lot. not a day go by that i don't think of living back in the Philippines. im glad my husband don't get tired of hearing me. i wish we can retire now. but oh well, i'll try to hang in here.

15 years ago

Hi jan – no reason to wait until retirement before moving to the Philippines. I moved here when I was 38. There are lots of ways to earn money here! 😎


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