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membership shopping

Membership Shopping Philippines

By Bob Martin | December 14, 2018 | 502

Membership Shopping in the Philippines More players are coming online Membership shopping is coming of age in the Philippines. There have been membership shopping stores in the Philippines for years. However, in recent years the membership shopping scene is getting new players and better competition. I find that membership shopping stores offer a lot of items that are not otherwise available. I also find the prices for membership shopping in the Philippines to be very…

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Balikbayan Box

Balikbayan Box: Everything you need to know

By Bob Martin | December 12, 2018 | 309

Shipping things to the Philippines? You need to learn about the Balikbayan Box! Do you have items that you want or need to ship to the Philippines? The least expensive way to do it is via the Balikbayan Box. It is not the fastest way, but it is the cheapest, by far. What is a Balikbayan Box? I have mentioned “Balikbayan Boxes” many times on this site. The other day, I got a note from…

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Internet in the Philippines

Internet in the Philippines

By Bob Martin | December 10, 2018 | 640

How is the Internet in the Philippines? My Experience over 2 Decades in Country Internet in the Philippines. Over my years of living in the Philippines, one of the most discussed (mostly negative) topics among expats. It is also a largely negative discussion among Filipinos. Now, I am moving back to the States soon, so today, I have decided to go back through the archives of the site, look at my experience with internet in the…

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philippine dual citizenship

Philippine Dual Citizenship: Complete Guide

By Bob Martin | December 7, 2018 | 1,455

Philippine Dual Citizenship The process we followed I intend this article to be a complete guide to Philippine Dual Citizenship. Everything from thinking about it to going through the process. This article is a compilation of our Philippine Dual Citizenship experiences and thoughts over the years. You have to read the entire article to get the full scoop. Feyma (and our kids) are dual citizens now, but in the beginning thought they would not go…

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renting in the philippines

Renting in the Philippines

By Bob Martin | November 30, 2018 | 968

Buying or Renting in the Philippines? Why I think it is better to rent Should you be renting in the Philippines? Sometime in the past, I published an article here about renting a place to live. Almost immediately after the article was published, a number of people questioned why I would be renting in the Philippines instead of buying a property.  Jim Cunningham put it in a non-confrontational way, simply wondering why I would choose to…

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philippine property primer

Philippine Real Estate Primer

By Bob Martin | November 27, 2018 | 612

It is the #1 Question of Foreigners Can I own Land in the Philippines? Philippine Real Estate, it is a prime topic of foreigner conversation. In this article, we will address the hottest topic out there in terms of foreigners living in the Philippines. The ownership of real estate here. Let’s have a look at ownership of Philippine Real Estate. In short, you cannot own land in the Philippines unless you are a natural-born Filipino…

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