Bob Martin

Why do you want out of the Philippines?

By Bob Martin | November 13, 2018 | 12

I have already heard this question We are moving back to the USA, why are we fleeing the Philippines? Ever since my misinterpreted article a couple of months ago which made some readers think that we were moving back to the USA, people have been asking me what we are running away from. Why do we want to leave the Philippines? At the time I wrote that article, I really had no intention of leaving…

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Bob & Feyma Martin - We're moving back to the USA

Life Change: A Big Announcement

By Bob Martin | November 12, 2018 | 77

We have decided to make a major change Many people misinterpreted my September 19 article Back in September, I published an article about whether Feyma and I would move back to the USA. As I said in the article, it is something we have been considering for several years. During these years, when we have considered moving back, we have always ended up deciding to stay in the Philippines. In our discussions in August and…

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Direct Deposit of US Government Payments

By Bob Martin | October 30, 2018 | 15

Do you get US Government Payments? You get Direct Deposit to a Philippine Bank Did you know that you can now have most US Government payments (Social Security, Military Retirements, etc) deposited directly into your Philippines US Dollar Bank account? That’s right! BPI (Bank of the Philippine Islands) now offers direct deposit of US Government payments.  Payments are made through ACH (Automated Clearing House) payment, which generally means that you should get your money in…

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Should you help an Indigent Expat in the Philippines?

By Bob Martin | October 24, 2018 | 10

  Indigent. Homeless. These are the words to describe an expat that I got an email about. The American Expat no longer has a place to live. He no longer has money for food. He has been scammed. He has been ripped off. He made a lot of mistakes. But, even though he should have learned his lesson by now, he continues to make the same mistakes. Last week I got an email from a…

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Sili Silliness LiPCast

By Bob Martin | October 23, 2018 | 12

  Hey, back with another LiPCast! I hope you guys are enjoying this new thing that I am doing. I am enjoying doing these videos and learning more and more about producing videos. Prices in the Philippines have been skyrocketing. One of the things that people are really complaining about is the price of Sili. Sili is the local name of these small red chili peppers that are grown here. Sili prices in the Philippines,…

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Best Courier Service in the Philippines – And the Cheapest?

By Bob Martin | October 22, 2018 | 10

  A lot of people ask me what the best courier/delivery service is in the Philippines. Some people ask me what the cheapest courier service is. Some even want to know which service covers both bases! The best and the cheapest? Well, normally the best service of any kind is not the cheapest, and the cheapest is often the worst. But, let’s look at it on today’s LiPCast. I am starting something new today, the…

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