Recreation in the Philippines

A lot of people who think of possibly moving to the Philippines ask me the same question:

“What is there to do there?”

Well, I assure you, there is plenty to do here, just like where you are living now.

Read below to learn about our article archives for different types of activities you can enjoy in the Philippines.


Scuba Diving is a very popular activity in the Philippines.

Over the years we have had a number of writers on this site who were involved in Scuba Diving and wrote about it.  You can read their articles by clicking below.

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What sports are popular in the Philippines?  Well, most of the sports that are popular in the rest of the world are also popular here!

The two most popular sports in the Philippines are Boxing and Basketball!

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Movies, TV shows and such are popular in the Philippines and available in different ways.  Broadcast TV generally shows some current, but mostly a few seasons old foreign TV shows.  However, there are ways for you to get current foreign entertainment like TV shows and Movies.  I personally recommend a Kodi Box to achieve this.

To learn more about Entertainment options in the Philippines read the archived articles by clicking on the link below.

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One thing that the Philippines has in spades is Festivals!  Every neighborhood, every town and city has its own Festival!  You can travel the country going from Festival to Festival if that is what you enjoy doing!

The festivals are very colorful and offer a real insight into the cultural aspects of the area of the Philippines where the festival is located.  Read about Festivals by clicking on the link below.

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Food & Drink

Food and Drink is a big part of life everywhere in the world, and the Philippines is no exception.

Whether you are looking for Philippine cuisine or food from nearly other part of the world, you will find it in the Philippines.

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Who doesn’t love a good beach?  The Philippines has some of the greatest beaches in the world!  The country consists of 7,107 different islands, and that is a LOT of beaches.

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Holidays are BIG in the Philippines!  Christmas runs from September through December, the longest Christmas season in the world!

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One of the biggest reasons that a lot of people move to the Philippines is the women.  There are lots of available attractive women in the Philippines if that is what you are looking for.

Relationships, though, are not always straightforward.  Read more to learn about Relationships in the Philippines.

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If Religion is your thing, you will find plenty to keep you busy in the Philippines.

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Another big activity in the Philippines is shopping!  Although it is generally considered a poor country, the Philippines is home to some of the largest and fanciest Malls in the World!

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So, as you can see, there is a LOT to keep you busy in the Philippines!  You won’t be bored!