Driver’s License renewal in the Philippines

Well, as you all know by now, it was my birthday earlier this week.  This year, it was time to renew my driver’s license again, so I went down to the LTO (Land Transportation Office) last Friday to take care of the task.  I thought I’d share the process with you, so that those of you who want or need to know how to get a driver’s license in the Philippines will have a better idea.  Now, keep in mind, I was renewing an about to expire license, not getting a new license, but the procedure should be similar, though.

I had been planning to get my renewal for several days last week, but other things came up, so I kept putting it off, but by the time Friday rolled around, I really wanted to get it all taken care of.  So, first thing in the morning, after taking care of businesses, I headed out to get ‘er done.

LTO Vehicles
LTO Vehicles

First stop: Drug Testing

That’s right, to get a driver’s license in the Philippines you must first go and take a drug test.  In the States, you had to do this too, but it was all handled right at the Dept of Motor Vehicles.  Here, you must go to an independent, but certified drug testing center.  Generally, wherever there is an LTO office, there will be many drug testing centers all around the area.  I went to a drug testing center which is near my home.  It’s a rather simple procedure.  I sat down with an agent, answered a few questions (name, address, what prescription medications I am taking, etc), and then waited for the lab technician to come and get me, which took less than 5 minutes.  When I was approached by the lab technician, he gave me a container to urinate in and directed me to the restroom.  After filling up the sample container, I was asked to be seated and wait, which again was just a couple of minutes, under 5 minutes for sure.  Next, I was given a certified drug test report, which I was to bring to the LTO.

In addition to the drug test, I was also given a medical exam, which consisted of an eye test, a blood pressure check and the answering of a few health questions.  I was pronounced fit to drive!

Price of this part of driver’s license renewal?  For the drug test it was P170, and for the medical exam it was P80, bringing the total to P250 for this part of the renewal.  This comes to about $5.95 in US Dollars.

Next step: LTO Main Office

This step is a new one since the last time I renewed my driver’s license in 2009 (they are good for 3 years).  You see, here in Davao there are two places where you can renew your driver’s license.  You can do it at the main LTO Office, or you can do it at the LTO Satellite Office in SM City.  I like to take care of the renewal at SM, because it is less crowded, there are no fixers there bothering you, and it’s a more efficient process, in my opinion.  However, the LTO has added this new procedure, which is rather inconvenient.  Unfortunately, if you want to renew at SM, you must first go to the main LTO office and get the signature of the head of the office there, to approve you to do it at SM.  Crazy, but that is the system.  Luckily, SM and the LTO office are only about 10 minutes apart by jeepney, probably 5 minutes if you are driving your own vehicle.

So, I went to the LTO office, and searched out and finally found this man who had to sign my paper (there is only one person that can sign, so you better hope he is there!).  Got the signature and was on my way to SM.

Cost for the signature:  Free

Next Step:  SM Satellite Office

While I said that the SM office is less crowded than the main LTO office, there is still a crowd there, just less of a crowd!  Because of this, I had timed my drug test so that I could be at SM when the mall opened, which is at 10am. Even though I had to go get that signature on my paper, I was still at SM early, 9:30am, so I had to wait for the mall to open.  As I waited at the doors, I noticed that a lot of the others who were waiting were also holding drug testing papers, which indicated to me that there was going to be a mad rush to the LTO office in SM.  Sure enough, the moment the doors opened, people were pushing and shoving to be the first in line for a driver’s license renewal!

I don’t like fighting for a place in line, or getting into these childish antics, so I just took my time.  Funny thing was that by the time that I made it to the LTO office, about 40 people were ahead of me, but the vast majority of them lined up at the wrong window!  Ha ha… I was patient and acted like an adult, and turned out to be 8th in line when I lined up at the proper window!  The other 30 to 35 people ended up behind me!  It pays to act civil, I guess.

First step was to get an application form from the window and also a priority number.  I sat down and filled out the application and was quickly called to the next window, where they reviewed my application and then told me to sit down and wait for my number to be called again.  Next, I went to the 3rd window, where they took my new picture and got my signature, both of which would appear on my new license.  Sat down again and waited until I was called and asked to pay for the license renewal.  After the payment, I sat down for another 10 minutes or so and when I was called again, I was given my new license and printed receipt.

Cost of renewal at the LTO:  P417.63, which equals US$9.95.

Total of all costs for renewal (drug testing and license fees):  P667.63 or about US$15.90.

The experience

The entire process took about 20 minutes at the drug testing center, a 15 to 20 minute trip (10 min or so each way) to the LTO office, and 1 hour and 5 minutes at the SM LTO office.  So the total time was approximately 1 hour and 45 minutes.  I felt like it was efficient and pain free.  I found the personnel at the LTO office (both of them) to be friendly and efficient.

One thing you hear from a lot of foreigner is that all of the government offices are corrupt, lazy employees, inefficient, etc.  Basically, a bunch of complaints.  Yes, I found a couple of things inefficient (having to take a trip to get that signature, mainly), but overall, it was at least as easy and efficient as any driver’s license renewal I have done in the States.  I was not asked for any bribes.  I was not asked for money for any reason other than the official fees which were posted right on the wall.  I was treated kindly and with respect.

Oh by the way, this might be of interest to some of you.  Do you remember a couple of years ago when I lived in my old house in Marfori Heights?  I had trouble with a neighbor who made accusations against me and took me to court?  Well he was there at the LTO office when I went there.  Guess what?  He was fighting with the personnel there, yelling at them. He was mad because he was late in renewing his license and did not want to pay the fine for being late.  He was really making a fool out of himself (again).  I recognized him immediately, and really all I could do was laugh at him.  The funny thing is that there were about 40+ people in the office witnessing his antics, and they were all laughing at him!  Gave me a chuckle!

Oh, here is one bit of advice.  As I said, when everything was done, I was given my new license and a printed receipt.  Don’t throw your receipt away!  Basically, whenever you are asked to show your license there is a good chance they will want to see the receipt too!  So, you should save this in your wallet with your license.  Don’t throw it away until after you have completed your next renewal in 3 years and have a receipt for your new license.

So, anyway, this is my 2012 driver’s license renewal experience here in Davao.  Quick, painless, cheap and no problems at all!  I hope it goes as smoothly for you!

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Bob Martin is the Publisher & Editor in Chief of the Live in the Philippines Web Magazine. Bob is an Internet Entrepreneur who is based in Davao. Bob is an American who has lived permanently in Mindanao since May 2000. Here in Mindanao, Bob has resided in General Santos City, and now in Davao City. Bob is the owner of this website and many others.

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  1. Randy says

    Sounds easy enough. One thing though. You mentioned a drug test in the States but I have never been subjected to drug testing for a drivers license. Are you thinking of somewhere else? Also, was it that much quicker to go to SM when you were already at the LTO? Just curious.

    • says

      Hi Randy – In the States, it is a function of the State Government, and every State is different. Some states do have drug testing, others don’t.

      Yes, you save hours at SM. There were probably 400 to 500 people in line at the LTO, and I was #8 in line at SM. Big difference! Another advantage is there is air conditioning at SM, and you get to sweat it out at the LTO! 😆 SM is a big advantage in my opinion.

        • mary says

          It was good to hear bout your experience renewing your driver’s license. However, with my experience living there I was very disappointed with greedy inefficient people always taking advantage of foreigners and people of their own nationality. They make things difficult to accomplish because they are corrupt in so many ways.

    • Alexa says

      Wow I’m impressed by how much did you pay for the renewal and everything. Mine was so bad. I went to LTO (Visayas) Upon inquiry, I was telling them that I wanted to apply for International Driving License and was just asking what are the requirements and the payments for having it and the guy in LTO was telling me these are your requirements etc. etc. and the renewal fee is P3,500. (and he speak to me very slowly… But dont expect that these digits will appear in your original receipt) and I asked how much would appear in my receipt then? He said only P1,800. What???????

      • Ed says

        Don’t presume that all the “fixers” hanging around LTO offices are employees, even if they set up a desk outside! If you follow the steps (basically as Bob posted), you can and should do it yourself, and you’ll just pay the posted rates in a fairly smooth though somewhat time-consuming multi-step process. If you don’t speak Tagalog, take your spouse or a good friend along.

        The last time someone outside the LTO office offered to “help” me, I foolishly turned over 4000 pesos, all my paperwork, and my about-to-expire license. He said come back tomorrow to get my new license since it was late in the day. Come “tomorrow”, no license, with the excuse that the “system has been down” (while lots of people were getting their licenses). Repeat daily over the next two weeks. Finally I went back with my good friend who just happens to be a PNP officer, got my money back, attended at the windows in sequence, and had my renewed licence within one hour. Total cost was what was posted, though yes by that time plus the late fees, thanks to the fixer.
        I’ll be renewing again in a few months, and this time will absolutely definitely just do it on my own, at the local small-city provincial LTO office, where we now live.

  2. El Moro says

    Hello Bob.
    So more or less you and your “friend” from Marfori Height (FFMH) have the same birth month. What a coincidence, and of all places. It seems that your FFMH is always having a bad hair day based on your story. Yes, LTO is now efficient when it comes to driver’s license issuance. They have to because as far as I know they are ISO Certified on that process and they are subjected to performance audit regularly. Belated happy b-day my friend and enjoy every moment each day. Maayong buntag sa tanan na imong gi higugma (Ok ra ba akong Binisaya bai?)…

    • says

      Maayong buntag pud sa imo, El Moro. Oo, ok lang pa ang akong bisaya! 😆

      We may or may not have the same birth month, because he was complaining over the fact that his renewal was late. Just depends on how late he was. 😉

  3. Marcel says

    Not too complicated but compared to where I am from (Canada) it’s way too much bureaucracy.
    Renewal process here takes 5 minutes + 10 waiting in line. Good for 5 years.
    Did you ask them what is the point of Satellite Office if one needs to go to Head Office anyway?
    I go to Philippines often, but stuff like this is difficult to get used to still.

    • says

      Hi Marcel – I was happy with the renewal process. Yes, the step of going for the signature was not a smart way of doing it, but I accepted it and kept my composure. I did not ask them about it, because I did not want to make waves, and was happy with the overall process anyway.

      One thing about it, if you want to live in the Philippines, you have be accepting of this kind of stuff, or it will literally drive you crazy.

  4. Tom says

    My experience was a little different as I wanted to upgrade my license to professional status so I could legally drive our delivery trucks just in case one of the drivers did not report for work

    Same procedure as you Bob only the eye and blood pressure test took 4 hours of standing in line for my turn at least they were giving out numbers so no line cutting only one person giving the test it only took 10 minutes once you got inside about 75 people still standing outside in the sun waiting their turn after I left

    The next step

    First I had to take a 4 page written test, no problem as they give you a primer to read that has all of the questions and proper answers to the test they will give you passed it with flying colors

    Next I had to take a road test this is were the Fun in the Philippines begins I was instructed to go to another office were I would take a road test.

    I went over there with several other guys that were also going to take the road test we all set there and for 30 minutes nothing happened finally one of the security guards that used to work at our rice mill came over and told me that everyone was being held up because they did not know how to tell me there was no road test all I needed to pay 500 Piso like everyone else so they would sign the paper saying I had passed the road test with flying colors he explained this had to be done outside so the Catv camera would not see the transaction as everything was filmed inside the LTO offices

    I went and sat outside sat under a tree gave the guy 500 peso and then went back to the LTO office and picked up my drivers license everyone was laughing about it because the officials did not know how to explain the road test was only imaginary

    The fun and games never stop

    Tom / Roxas City

    • says

      Hi Tom – I was asked if I wanted to upgrade my license to a Professional rating, but I had no need for that or interest in doing so. Here in Davao, there are so many drug testing offices to choose from you would never have that kind of wait. None of them have long lines at all. On the one I went to, when I walked in the door I was the only person there. I did go right at opening time, though.

      Sorry to hear about the corruption that you experienced with the P500 payment. I can say that I had no request for any kind of additional payment.

  5. Tom says


    I do not know if I would call it Corruption I see it as payment for services the government does not pay these people a fair wage or supply a vehicle to take a test drive in so they have adopted to the situation The extra money goes to feed their families the money does not go to one person but to all of the staff at the office I paid the same as everyone else so I was not singled out I just did not understand the system 500 peso is not a big deal and I did not have to drive a 10 wheeler around the streets that are full of tricycles

    Tom/ Roxas City

    • says

      Wow. I don’t see how you could not call it corruption when government employees demand under the table money to do a job that they are supposed to do. Are the wages fair? Maybe or maybe not, but that is not a reason to demand under the table payments. The fact that they have cameras monitoring such payments inside the office only confirms that this has been a problem in the past too. The fact that they have to go outside to do this out of the view of the cameras drives my point home even further.

  6. Tom says

    Bob, yes I agree if you look at in black and white but nothing is black and white here as I have learned over the years just watch the impeachment trial for a few minutes and the 500 piso to the LTO is nothing in comparison

    I could have got indignant and called them on it but I have to live here so what good would it have done me in the long run, if I cost the guy his job, is it worth it

    I’m a guest here not a citizen and I was treated equally

    I also would have made an enemy that may seek revenge on my family this is the price of living here if you want black and white it is the wrong country to live in


    • says

      Hi Tom – Well, for me it’s corruption. I did not and am not saying that I would not pay it, I’d have to be there and experience it before deciding that. Like you are saying, I like to go with the flow here, make friends and not enemies. But, I would not come on a forum like LiP and say that demanding an under the table “payment” was not corruption. That’s all…

      Take care, my friend.

      • Adam Scott says


        Like you said you would go with the flow here so you would probably pay it or you wouldn’t have a professional license.
        I also have the same license as i drive our vans nearly everyday but i did not pay any extra. If i was asked i wouldn’t have had a problem doing this as long as i wasn’t being singled out.

        • says

          Hi Adam – When I said that I like to go with the flow, I was not really talking about paying bribe money, or making unofficial payments. I can’t say if I would or would not have paid. I will say that in my 12 years of living here, I have yet to make such a payment.

  7. Hudson says

    Hey Bob,
    Good info. What additional steps would be required getting a Filipino drivers license for the first time. In other words, can I show them my california license and get a Filipino Drivers license?

    • says

      Hi Hudson – Well, honestly, it has been 12 years since I got my first driver’s license here, so I don’t know what the procedure is now, things change over the years. In my case, 12 years ago, I showed my US license, took a written test, paid the fees and was issued a Philippine License that expired on the same date that my US license would have expired. But, who knows what additional things have been added (or removed) since that time.

  8. Jade says

    Hi Bob,
    A week or so ago my wife Daisy lost her drivers license. Have you heard of what the procedure is if you do not have the license in hand to turn in for renewal?
    Thanks, Jade

    • says

      Hi Jade – I’m sorry to say, but I don’t have any idea what the procedure is if you lose your driver’s license. Best to inquire at the LTO and follow their instructions. I do know that your previous license is required when you renew.

  9. PapaDuck says

    In my county here in florida you can renew your license on line. They just use your photo from your prior license. It takes about a week to get it. I really like that there are no lines and you can do it anytime of the day. I wish it was only $9.95 though lol. It’s $48.00 here. Also you can only renew it one time online.
    It’s good for 8 years. Thanks for the useful info about getting a license. Will come in handy when my time comes. Take care.

  10. Allan Kelly says

    Hi Bob
    Can you drive in the Philippines on an international drivers licence? If not, can you get a Philippine drivers licence if you are only there for 5 months?

    • says

      Hi Allan – The truth is that the “International License” is a farse. It is not really a driver’s license, and is really not valid anywhere. So, no, you cannot legitimately drive with one of those. But, you can use your foreign driver’s license for the first 90 days after you enter the country. Also, yes, you can get a Philippine driver’s license even if you are here for only a few days, so that is not a problem.

  11. Steven Hark says

    Pity they don’t follow the UK system where a driver’s license lasts until you are 70 and that is only to make sure you have a medial every year after.

  12. Larry Saum says

    Your article reminded me that I had a notice that I could renew my license on-line. I just did so in about 10 minutes with the Indiana BMV. It cost $21 charged to my VISA account. Licenses here are good for 4 years. Mine would have expired on my birthday in November. They recommended that I do it early because for some reason half of all driver’s licenses in Indiana expire in 2012, and you can renew up to one year early. It should be sent to my address in 10 business days. My previous renewal was done at the BMV and I had to pass an eye test, and ask a few questions. My picture was taken then. I understand that after age 70 ( November birthday) I will not be able to renew on-line.

    • Bruce Clark says

      Hi I was from Indiana living in the Philippines 10+ years and I renewed 2 times. The first time they just sent me a license that was keeping my old picture, the second time, they gave me a photo exempt license. The second time was not smooth but it got done… Now, just returned from Cebu long enough for my wife to get her blue passport then back to the loving hearts in the Philippines!!!!

  13. Steve Maust says

    I find it strange you have to go get a signature at the main LTO in order to use the satalite LTO. I would think the reason to have the satalite LTO was to cut down on the amount of people in the main one. Glad you got that taken care of anyways. Now you just have to get the jeepney driver to agree to let you drive for the day! That would be a great story I bet!

    • says

      Yes, it doesn’t really make sense, does it, Steve? I agree with you on that.

      I couldn’t drive a Jeepney. You’d have to have a Professional grade license for that. I only have a non-Professional, which just let’s me drive private vehicles.

      • LuzonMan says

        Hi Bob,

        Until I know the reason why one has to go back to the LTO main offfice to get a signature from someone before he could continue the renewal process at SM, I would call that procedure stupid. And I hate stupid things haha. Anyways, how early can one apply for a license renewal? Can I do it a week or more before the expiry?

  14. damir skender says

    Maybe you were just lucky with LTO.My experience is bit different.I bought recently new motor and registration turns to be nightmare!Even after 3 months i still didn’t get my plate.Situation now is i paid insurance but no permanent plate because they say they don’t have it…..Theysay it has to be ending on proper number and for some reason this number is not available.They have it in place i live,but they could not use it because they say i need to get plate in place i bought motor.Just imagine this to practice in normal country.How long does it take to register vehicle,20 minutes?

    • says

      Hi damir – The chances are equally good that you were just unlucky with the LTO. I got my first driver’s license in 2000, and had renewals in 2003, 2006, 2009 and 2012. While the system has gotten better with each renewal, none of my experiences have been that bad.

  15. ann says

    is there a way that i could renew my drivers license several months in advance…actually my driver’s license would expire in exactly one year but i would be overseas at that time could i renew it earlier…I know if i lost my drivers license they wont give a new one only duplicate right? thanks

  16. ian says

    Bob- do you happen to have the name of the man at the LTO whose signature I need to get first ? I am going there tomorrow am.

  17. ian says

    Just to keep everyone up to date. The SM outlet is closed at this time [ has been since last week ] . But the main LTO directed me to an outlet in a 20′ container by the Barangay Hall in Bankerohan . Very hard place to find, and even harder to park there. In fact I parked my car and took a taxi there lol
    The container is set up in the air on a steel framework and everyone crowds around on the sidewalk and waits. It took about 30-40 minutes to get called to hand in my paperwork. I had downloaded the right form off of the LTO website but they rejected it for some reason and made me fill in a new original form [ a bit hard to do on the sidewalk but i found a motorcycle seat to use !] Altho the fee is 417 pesos i was asked for 500 pesos – and given no receipt nor change. I will go back tomorrow and see if I can pick up the license [ apparently their machine that makes the licenses only works some of the time hehe]

  18. ian says

    Went to pick up my new DL today . What a pleasant surprise – had it in my hand in less than one minute [ along with my change less 3 pesos lol ]

  19. Linda says

    Do you know if there is a grace period that you can drive in the Philippines on an American license? My son is only going to be in the Philippines for 3 weeks and he is hoping he won’t have to give up a day getting a license. He has a current American CDL with all the endorsements, he’s hoping he can at least rent a motorcycle.

    • says

      Hi Linda – The law is that you can drive using your foreign license for the first 90 days that you are in the country. That is the law, but I have also seen times when the local LTO (Land Transportation Office) did not go by the law, and required acquisition of a local driver’s license much more quickly.

    • says

      Hello mark – To be honest, I don’t know the name of the drug testing center that I used. If you just to the LTO, there are literally dozens of drug testing centers there that you can choose from.

  20. Blossom says

    Hi Bob why in mindanao need a signature from LTO main office to renew SM or other lto renewal office, but here in manila you can go directly to SM to renew the license without getting signature from the main LTO offfice.

  21. Xpat says

    I have been having a REAL problem with LTO recently and would like to get input from others about this. I am living in Laguna, Luzon. I want to renew my Philippines drivers license. I have been trying to do this for 2 months but every time I go to the LTO office, they told me “the system is down” and this is a “nationwide problem” so I would not be able to renew my license at ANY LTO office until the system is back up. I cannot understand why or how their system can be down so often for so long a period of time? Now my license is already expired and I have not been able to renew it because every time I try, their system is down. I don’t understand what’s happening here. And will I really have to pay penalty fees for being late to renew when this is their fault that I cannot renew it because their computer system is always broken?

    • says

      I can assure you that it is not a nationwide problem, because I see people getting their license at the LTO office here in Davao daily. Sounds to me like some kind of monkey business.

      • Xpat says

        I went to the LTO Office today and the director showed me the memo from head office in Manila that they are implementing a new system and having problems and they system is down nationwide. I called 3 other LTO offices and they all said the same thing, “the system is down” and it’s “nationwide”. I’m also unable to reach the LTO website, it’s a 705 error page. I don’t think it’s monkey business. Have you tried to call LTO there in Davao. I’m sure you’re too busy, but would be interesting to know what they tell you there in Davao.

  22. Mar says

    Hi Bob, was just wondering. How did they run the eye exam? I lost vision in my right eye and am wearing an eye prosthesis and im worried about not passing the medical. Thanks!

    • says

      Hi Mar – I am sorry to say, but I don’t know what I can say about it. It was very run of the mill.. very routine. I didn’t even take notice. I am not sure if you could pass with only one eye, or not. I do wish you the best of luck, though.

  23. Joy says

    Hello~ nice article. I’ve been for looking an answer. My license is going to expire on sept 25 and this is my 1st time renewing. I was wondering when to renew. Must it be after expiration or before it expires. Thanks for the advise that Sm is better in processing.

  24. [-erick-] says

    Had renewed my license 2yrs ago, when to SM Davao; had my drug test and now i am “upgraded” to wearing glasses when driving.

    When i went to the LTO SM they told me that I should go to the main office due to that Request System Update (RSU) is needed.

    Will renew my License this month and will try again the SM Davao again.

  25. alex says

    Hi, I also need to renew my driver’s license this month as my b-day is on Aug. 25. Since you renewed your driver’s license last Feb. of this year, would this process still the one required by LTO Davao? especially the Request System Update or I can go straight to SM and all the requirements are there already? One more thing, what drug testing clinic is close to SM or is there one available inside SM?

  26. alex says

    okay Bob – hehe, i was just wondering if you know any update on the procedures. Anyway, I will contact you again in a month; since we’re both bloggers from Davao. Maybe you can help me with some tips with my blog – Thanks in advance. :)

  27. Coffeeliqueur says

    I come across your article as I need to renew my DL urgently. It will be expired in a week. But I am not sure if I have to bring my passport and my ACR to renew my DL. At the moment, my passport is still with the immigration lawyer to renew my ACR, but I already had my new ACR. I don’t know why they don’t give my passport together with my ACR. So, my question is: Do I need to wait for my passport to renew my DL? What documents do I need to bring? I plan to renew it in Robinsons Market mall. I would appreciate your quick reply. Thank u. Great article by the way! Useful for expat like me :)

  28. Coffeeliqueur says

    Thank u Bob for the quick reply. I went to the LTO offices and all closed both in main office in Biñan and in Robinsons mall because of bad weather :(

    • says

      Hi Shane – Honestly, “International Driver’s Licenses” are a scam. They are worthless. No need to get one. If you want to drive in the Philippines, just get a Philippine driver’s license.

  29. alex says

    Hi Bob – Since I already got my driver’s license last Aug. 8, 2012. I guess it’s just right to share my experience to those who are going to renew their DL, especially if they’re from Davao. First of all, you don’t need to go to the main LTO office anymore, that is only required for those go took their drug test outside of SM. Everything you need for the renewal is already there at SM.
    If you’re planning to renew your DL, you need to be early and go straight to JNW drug testing center (LTO Authorized Drug testing center insdie SM), and that’s beside the LTO satellite office at SM. Then you will need to present your current driver’s license, in order for you to be given a form which you will fill up. After that, you will be required to pay 350 php and that includes the medical exam fee. If you pass the drug test (almost everybody do – except if you really have some issue), you will then go to LTO window 4 and get another form to fill up – always remember the DL renewal at SM are only for renewal and not for other concerns like change address, change of license classification from non-pro to pro, etc.

    Once you’re finished with the form, you will then give it to window 1(you will need to surrender your old DL)… you will need to wait for a while until they call your name. If they call you then that means it’s time for your picture taking and autograph :) – your signature will also be included your driver’s license. So, be careful with your signature, it must be the one that you always use.

    Then go back to window 4 and wait till they give your new driver’s license.

  30. alex says

    sorry for some typo errors on my first comment, I also forgot the renewal fee for the driver’s license is 417 php but they will charge 480 php if you’re already over due.

  31. chevz says

    thanks, my birthday is on the October 30th…I will renew it on the 29th. Thanks for the info.I will go to SM on Monday.

  32. Richard says

    This is nothing to do with renewals, but a relative in the family came back with a 15k quote to get a new license. I’m not stupid, if that were the case, that would make the Philippines the most expensive country to get your foreign licence converted. I just moved here from Japan, and converting my license their, back in 2005 cost about $40US. Still figuring out all I need to pursue getting my license here. Got my Japanese license, along with a translated version and notarized through the Japanese embassy. Drug tests are new to me, never had them in Canada nor Japan, not that I need to be worrying about that lol!

      • Patrick says

        I just got my first Philippine license today. I of course, had it converted from the US. I had to show my current US license, passport, had a eye test and ht/wt check, and that was it. For me and my wife, we paid a total of 200 Pesos. We both have a valid Philippine License until 2016….it all took less than an hour..Very easy, no corrupt acts or under the table stuff. We live in Bataan.

  33. Fats says

    hello sir!!,,,! i lost my official reciept,,can i get original official reciept,???that the payment is 417 pesos??even if i’m not in the philippines??asap plzz…thanks,,,,

  34. Fats says

    i already have duplicate OR but korean embassy didnt allowed it ,,cause the payment is 217.63pesos only,,,they said OR with the payment of 400 pesos plus only !!!

  35. says


    I went to my local lto in Balayan, Batangas. Did drug test, 45 mins, medical, 2 mins
    then in lto they said the one printer was broken and told me to drive to lto at task.

    Took a while to drive there and completed the form, waited 3 hours then they tell us they are off line and to come back the next day.

    Next day i return to Taal lto and waited around 3 hours for my license renewal.

    It was chaos in there and not easy as it was my first time.

    Overall really frustrating. I not sure why they renew every 3 years
    my new picture looks same as the old one, seems like a waste of time for the whole country, why now every 10 years.

    I only needed to show my old license. No icard, passport etc needed.

    • says

      Hi Paul – I hear you, my friend. Remember, this is the Philippines… if something frustrating can happen, it most likely will! I am thankful that my driver’s license renewal last year went very smoothly. Three more years and I’ll do it again!

  36. James Speight says

    The last time I renewed my Drivers License back in 2012 was really easy. I was concerned since it had expired a few months while I was out of the country. But that wasn’t any problems.

    Thought it was a little comical when I let them know my address had changed from the City to the Provence, then they informed me that if I wanted to change my address on my license I would have to pay an additional fee. Can’t remember what the fee was, maybe 200 P, the gentleman showed me the fees schedule and sure enough it said there was an additional fee. But he also said I didn’t have to change the address I could just use my old address and save money.

    I decided I wanted it to be correct, at least if I got in a accident someone that I knew would be notified.

    He also kept asking me was I sure I wanted to change my address, he said most just kept it the same.

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