Luanne Shackelford, a long timer in the Philippines

Luanne Shackelford

A few years back, I wrote this article for a different site, but I have decided to re-publish it here on LiP.  It is an interview that I did with Luanne Shackelford.  Luanne, also known as “AmericanLola” is a good friend, and also a former writer here on this site, back in the early days…

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Paul Thompson lives in Bataan

Paul and Family

Today, we will interview Paul Thompson.  Paul is a long time resident of the Philippines and has experience living in Puerto Rico as well!  In fact, during his career in the Navy and then as a Merchant Seaman, Paul was able to travel the world!  Paul is also a writer here on Live in the…

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Dave Starr, living in the Philippines since 2006

Dave Starr

Today I am interviewing Dave Starr.  Dave and I have been friends for a number of years now.  I would say that we serve as each other’s sounding boards to some extent, and I think Dave would agree with that.  Dave has some good thoughts that would benefit you much if you are thinking of…

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Expat Interview: Bill Asberry

Expat Interview Bill Asberry — Live in the Philippines

Bill Asberry is an American who is preparing to move to the Philippines real soon now.  I have come to know Bill over the past 5 months or so and have enjoyed interacting with him and building a friendship. I asked Bill if he would agree to be my first Video Interview here on Expat…

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Interview with The Immigrant Magazine

The Immigrant Magazine

Recently, I was interviewed by Johnna Villaviray-Giolagon who works for a magazine here in the Philippines entitled “The Immigrant”.  She had questions for me regarding my move to the Philippines, my life here, and other related topics. The interview has now been published and can be read online.  However, the way that the website is…

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John Miele is our interview today!

John Miele

Today, I’m interviewing John Miele.  I have known John, both online and in person, for quite a few years now.  John lives in Manila, but he has been to Davao a few times and we had an opportunity to have dinner together.  I enjoyed spending time with John and his wife and son. John is…

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