Ways To Make a Living

Working in Alaska: Mess Hall Food

Would you want to eat Mess Hall Food?

Mess Hall Food I am working at an Alaska Seafood Processing Plant Mess hall food at the processing plant where I work in Alaska. I am a Filipina working in Alaska. I am a Dual Citizen – USA and Philippines. I’ve been asked by quite a few people about what types of food we (the…

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Alaska Update

Hi friends, nice to be back to writing here on my Ways to Make a Living website. I have some new ideas of things that I’ll be sharing here, and I wanted to kick it off today. Around this time last year, I was telling you that my wife, Feyma, was going to go and…

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OAW Work?

Although I try to keep this particular website away from topics centered on the Philippines, I do live in the Philippines, so sometimes I have to write about that kind of thing.  Ways to Make a Living if you live in the Philippines.  For my readers in other part of the world, who have no…

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North to Alaska (and way west too)

Well, this is going to be an interesting year for me, and I think for readers of this site as well. I have some plans for this site, Ways to Make a Living, and today I want to share one of those plans with you! Last year, 2016, was a tough year for us.  I…

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