Expats in the Philippines

Expats are people who are from one country but live in another country. That is what this website is all about, Expats who live in the Philippines.

On this page you can find links to topics that are of particular interest to expats.  These topics will assist you in establishing your life in the Philippines, and developing a happy life in the Philippines.

Family Matters

Whether it be your family in the Philippines or your family “back home” in your home country, it is something that is important to you.  We offer a lot of articles on the subject of familyl.

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Expat Interviews

We interview many expats who live in the Philippines and also people who want to make the move.  We find out what makes them want to live in the Philippines, what kind of life they are experiencing and other such things.  Read, watch or listen to our expat interviews by clicking on the link below.

Expat Interview Archive


If you live in the Philippines you must keep your passport from your home country current, that is the law. But, how do you renew your foreign passport if you live in the Philippines?  Our Passport archive will keep you informed.

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Senior Citizen and Retirement

Most expats living in the Philippines are Senior Citizens and Retired people.  Read about issues effecting Seniors and Retired people in the Philippines in our archive.

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Even if you live in the Philippines you still may have to pay your taxes back home, depending on where you are from. We have a tax expert on board who keeps you informed about tax issues.

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USA vs Philippines

Several of our writers, Americans of course, have written numerous articles making the comparison between the USA and the Philippines.  Some pretty interesting articles!

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Unfortunately, many expats find vices as their way of coping with life in the Philippines. Drinking. Gambling. Drugs.  Read about this darker aspect of life in the Philippines in our archive.

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Work in the Philippines

If you need to earn money in the Philippines is the right way to get a job?  In our Work in the Philippine archive we discuss different ways that you can make money while living in the Philippines.. and ways that you cannot legally do it.

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Adjusting to Life in the Philippines

It takes a fair amount of adjustment to become happy living in the Philippines. You can do it, though, especially if you recognize what adjustments you need to make.

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How will you get around in the Philippines?  Will you need to won a car or is public transportation adequate?  We have lots of articles on the site about Transportation options in the Philippines.

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Going Home

If you are an expat, do you plan to travel home for a visit?  Or, maybe you will become disenchanted with life in the Philippines and decide to pack your bags and return home again.  Either way, read about the experiences of other expats who have decided to go back home.

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Like I said, this site is all about expats, so as you can see, we have lots of different topics that are related to expats living in the Philippines!