What if?: Death in the family!

By Feyma | October 3, 2007 | 6

How is a wake and the burial handled if someone dies in the family here in the Philippines? Let’s look at what happened during the death of my Dad.  I was living in the USA at the time of his death.  Six months before my Dad died, Bob, Chris and I came to the Philippines to visit my Dad due to his sickness. Chris is our oldest son, at that time he was just 5…

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Passing along responsibility

By Feyma | September 24, 2007 | 27

How do Filipino families afford to send their kids to school? I think this is one of the questions thats pops up to the minds of some of the people that come here to visit and not live here and seeing how big many people we have here in every household. We all know that a typical family in the Philippines has 6 to a dozen kids. That’s just the normal families here. As you…

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Roaming around Samal

By Feyma | September 17, 2007 | 28

I’m happy with the reactions you guys made upon seeing the looks of the new “web magazine”. I think everybody likes it the way I see it in the comments section. Well, I’m writing this column to tell you guys the story of the picture of mine in the home page. That picture was taken last February 20, 2007. It’s actually the birthday of Bob. We went to Samal just to drive around the entire…

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Wow I tried again

By Feyma | September 3, 2007 | 52

Well since you guys are talking about fruits. Yesterday Bob, Mom, Chris and Me went for a ride around Davao. On our way we decided to get lots of fruits. One of the fruit that we got was durian. We want mom to try it. This is her first time to try durian. She likes it too. I first tried durian when I was a kid. When my brother used to study here in Davao…

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Mom’s shocking adjustments!

By Feyma | August 27, 2007 | 34

Well a week ago I post about my mother-in-law coming here for a visit. She’s here with us now for over a week. I’m really shocked of some of her adjustments being here in the Philippines. As you recall she was here like 8 months ago. At that time she had a hard time adjusting to the heat here. When we went to the mall to shop we had to stop by at the coffee…

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Now, that’s disrespectful!

By Feyma | August 20, 2007 | 31

We had an incident that happened here in Davao over 4 years ago. Bob and I and our foreigner friend together with his half Filipino brother went to a have coffee just to talked about school and living here, because the half brother just came from the States wanting to study here for college. He wanted to have some information about Ateneo college since thats the school he wanted to go to. We probably stayed…

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