Philippine Citizenship

How much does naturalization in the Philippines cost?

Whenever you need the government to do anything, no matter what country you are in, there are fees involved.  No different here in the Philippines. How much are the various fees in order to become a Naturalized Citizen of the Philippines? Here is a list of fees that you may encounter.  There may be additional…

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I want to live in the Philippines

I got an e-mail this morning from Joseph.  Joseph wants to live in the Philippines, and wonders about citizenship issues. Here is what Joseph had to say: Hi Bob, I am tired of life in America and I want to relocate to the Philippines.  Can you tell me how to become a citizen of the…

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Language requirements for naturalization


Recently, I have received a number of inquiries concerning language requirements for being naturalized as a Philippine Citizen. The law on this is clear: He must be able to speak and write English or Spanish and any one of the principal Philippine languages A number of people have stated to me that this means that…

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Will marriage give me Philippine Citizenship?


I got a note from Angela today with a question about becoming a Philippine Citizen. Here is what Angela had to say: I’ve been having a hard time finding information on this. I am an American and next year I will be marrying my fiancée, who is Filipino. We were planning on me living in…

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Philippine Senate was busy in 2011

Angeles City Balloon Festival

The Philippine Senate indeed was busy in 2011.  There were lots of scandals for the Senate to investigate! But, did you know that the Legislature of the Philippines can convey Philippine Citizenship to foreigners that it deems worth?  It’s true.  By an act of the legislature, followed by a signature of the Philippine President, a…

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Former Basketball Player wants Philippine Citizenship

Legendary Philippine Basketball Association (PBA) import and Hall-of-Famer Billy Ray Bates, known fondly as the “Black Superman,” is “seriously considering” applying for a Filipino citizenship. Bates, who won championships while playing for Crispa and Ginebra in the 1980s, returned to the Philippines last October to be inducted to the PBA Hall of Fame. He was…

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