Get Philippine Citizenship

Are you thinking of becoming a Philippine Citizen?  If you are a foreigner living in the Philippines, it is something that you might consider.  Many who have been here for many years do come to consider it, although few do it.

It takes a long time to become naturalized in the Philippines, and it is not cheap either.  Another downside is that by law, you are required to relinquish your current citizenship.  The Philippine Dual Citizenship law only covers those who were Philippine Citizens by birth.

Important articles to start learning about Philippine Citizenship

Struggling with Citizenship this article details my own struggle with citizenship.  I have lived in the Philippines for nearly 2 decades and I have never returned to my home country, the USA (although I am considering making a trip this year).  However, the price is high to become a Philippine Citizen (and I am mostly talking in non-monetary terms).  Read my article and see if you think the same way.

Citizenship to live in the RP? Some people believe that you must be a Philippine Citizen if you wish to live in the Philippines.  That is not true at all!  Read this article to get answers about whether citizenship is required.  Let me just say, I have been living in the Philippines for nearly 2 decades and I am not a Philippine Citizen, so that should give you the short answer!

Cost of Naturalization How much does naturalization cost?  Well it is not cheap.  Read this article to get the details.

Language Requirements If you wish to be a Philippine citizen, you will be required to learn one of the Philippine languages (not English). So, read this article to find out about the requirements and get busy!  You can do it.  I know, because I did!  I can speak Bisaya fluently!  I know you can do it too, and whether you want to be a citizen or not, you will find that speaking the language will greatly improve your life in the Philippines.

Citizenship through Marriage? Many people believe that by marrying a Philippine Citizen you will automatically become a Philippine citizen.  Is it true?  Well, you might be surprised.  Read the article to get the scoop!  Knowing the facts is always a good thing, making assumptions is never the right way to go!

You can always read the Philippine Citizenship archive to get all of the articles on the topic! Just scroll down and read the articles!