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Dear Feyma: Needs advice on cheating husband!

Dear Feyma - Got a Problem? Ask Feyma!

Hi readers I got this email from a reader on my other blog. She emailed me privately and asking some advice for her niece’s problem. To be honest I just don’t know what to tell her. I am asking you guys’ advice on what to tell her. I’ve seen and heard too many stories of cheating…

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Shopping: It’s more fun in the Philippines!

Felcris Centrale - A brand new mall in Davao

When I was growing up in the province of Malapatan, Glan (South Cotabato then, became Sarangani Province now), my mom would want to buy something for the household she goes to Dadiangas then (called GenSan now). The only big stores I mean like a small mall, at that time was Kimball Plaza (I think built in…

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Paella & popcorn shrimp: with my little touch in it!


Just a few days ago we celebrated Bob’s birthday. As a tradition in our household we would ask the celebrant what would they want to eat for dinner. Bob told me that he will think for a few minutes, then he remembered the recipe he really likes that we saw on MKR (My Kitchen Rules…

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Coming home for a visit!

Back home, with a Balikbayan Box

I was talking to a friend  tonight. She called me up since we haven’t seen each other for quite awhile. Both of us were just so busy lately. Also since my cell phone I lost all of my contact numbers.. I thank God for FB and email, I am still in contact with some people even though I don’t…

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Shopping for groceries: follow up post!


I wrote an article about shopping for groceries in 2007. I compared the price from the time we came here in 2000 – to the year 2007. So it’s been more than 7 years again. For those who think that the Philippines is a cheap place to live, look at the jump in prices.  And, think…

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Dear Feyma: Feeling sorry!

Dear Feyma...

Today, I have another installment in my “Dear Feyma” series which I have been featuring on this site for some time, whenever I have a question from a reader that I feel should be shared with the site readers. “Dear Feyma, I am Filipina who works in Kuwait for a long time. I came home…

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