Returning Filipinos

Millions of Filipinos go abroad each year!  Many go to become OFWs (Overseas Filipino Workers).  Many Filipinos marry foreigners and leave the Philippines to live with their spouses abroad.

Whatever the reason, there are literally missions of Filipinos who no longer live in the Philippines, and the number continues to grow.

Many of these Filipinos who decide to leave the country hope to return one day, though, to live in the Philippines again.  Mostly, they want to retire in the Philippines where the lifestyle is less expensive and at a slower pace.

What many do not consider, though, is that moving back to the Philippines offers challenges for the returning Filipino.  Some returning Filipinos are discriminated against by their fellow countrymen, or taken advantage of.  In many cases the Filipino who has lived abroad has become used to a life that offers more conveniences, better technology and generally a higher standard of life than may be available in the Philippines.  When they move back and find things "a little behind" what they have grown accustomed to, the transition can be difficult for them.  Read the archives below to learn about the experiences that returning Filipinos have faced.

Another somewhat related topic is about foreigners who have moved to the Philippines to become expats and then returned to their home country. A fairly large number of expats give up on life in the Philippines and return home.  Others go back to visit.  It is always interesting to hear the thoughts of those who have come to live in the Philippines and then go back home.  Read about this in our Expats Going Home Archive.