Returning Filipino

Rody Duterte for President 2016!

Davao's Beloved Mayor is running for President

Finally Mayor Duterte of Davao decided to run for President of the Philippines in the election in 2016. For Partido Demokratiko Pilipino-Lakas ng Bayan (PDP-LABAN). Many Filipinos are thrilled with his decision especially the Mindanaoans. Really when Mayor Rody said a few months ago that he is not interested to run, many people of the Philippines…

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What happened to our world today?


It’s just so unbelievable that a massacre happened in Paris a few days ago. It’s really depressing to see on TV of what’s going on there. It’s so hard to be writing and not shed tears for the innocent people there. When I saw the bodies of too many people lying on the outside of that cafe…

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A good chat with a dear person!

Bob and Steve

Our dear friend (our Ninang from our wedding actually) came here for a visit together with her daughter and her son-in-law. The daughter and son-in-law came here for a visit from the USA. While Bob and the son-in-law (Steve) were talking me and Ninang chatted. They came here to go to S & R. Her…

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Mindanao Improvements!

Yellow Bus Execuitve Class has Restrooms and WiFi on board

Last week Bob and I went to GenSan. That was our travel again there for many months. While leaving Davao I’ve noticed already that there are  so many buildings being built in the city. Some were convenience stores, mini grocery stores, apartments, subdivisions and condominiums. It really amazed me at how many condominiums now being…

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Dear Feyma: Questions about moving back and dual citizenship!

Journey to the Philippines

I have some inquiries from Rose about moving back here to the Philippines and about dual citizenship. I’ve known her and we’ve been friends on social media for years now. We’ve been corresponding there lately. I’ve seen pictures of her son ever since knowing her. At that time the son was still a baby, and now…

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Some of my collections while I was in the USA!

I was just cleaning out my china cabinets in our living and dining room area. Then I came across some of my collections that I did get from the different parts of the Pacific Northwest on some of our travels before. We did travel and stayed a lot of times at the Oregon coast area since Bob’s…

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