A Day at the Beach

Yesterday morning as I was having my morning cup of coffee, my sweet wife came in and asked if I would like to go to the Beach, it was Sunday so the beach would have a lot of visitors. My only question was what time are we leaving. After breakfast, we piled into the car…

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Should you help an Indigent Expat in the Philippines?

  Indigent. Homeless. These are the words to describe an expat that I got an email about. The American Expat no longer has a place to live. He no longer has money for food. He has been scammed. He has been ripped off. He made a lot of mistakes. But, even though he should have…

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Is My Life Really Different Here

Well, different is really hard to define. But I do not have to deal with cold, snow or ice, the only ice I have here is in my glass with my morning juice, and here or back in California, my sweet wife would be at my side making sure my needs are met. My morning…

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Fair Winds and Following Seas

Sailors use this term synonymously with the points of sail below a beam reach, (But we all knew that) since the wind direction is generally the same as the sea direction. Therefore, the phrase “Fair winds and following seas,” implies that a vessel will have good winds, and not have to pound into the waves.,…

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Moving back to the USA?

Moving Back to the USA?

Why do Expats in the Philippines move back home? Is Bob Martin going to move back to the USA? For about 3 years or so now, Feyma and I have seriously been considering moving back to the USA. Yep. I said it. After having lived in the Philippines, Feyma and I have considered moving back…

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It has grown – Can you Help?

Children showing me around

In the past, I have mentioned briefly about a project that I started about 11 years ago this September.   Bob has invited me to give an update. I was asked if I could tutor a niece who was having problems with her schoolwork.  At the time, my schedule was very flexible and she had access…

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