Philippine Dual Citizenship

Do you have to renounce your citizenship?

So, you’re telling me that you want to be a dual citizen?  Philippines and US, UK, Australia, or whatever country you are from?  Sorry, Charlie, you can’t do it. Why not? OK, I know, both your country and the Philippines allow Dual Citizenship, right?  Yes, they do in most cases.  In my case, I am…

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Can I travel to the Philippines on a one-way ticket?

Ofelia wrote in with a citizenship/travel related question today. Here is Ofelia’s question: I have both an American and Filipino passport. My plan is to stay in the Philippines for a year or so. Do you know if I could fly on a one way ticket without having to have problems with authorities of either…

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Just sharing some thoughts!

Elections 2016

I saw this message on my FB news feed. A friend of mine Orman Manansala shared it on his wall a tidbits written by Miss Lelit Barrios. Like Orman and Lelit, I’m also an avid fan of Mayor Duterte running for president here in the Philippines. I can honestly say that I will be voting here again.…

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Does She Have to Renounce Her Philippine Citizenship?

Today we got a comment and question from Mike Eslick. Here is what Mike had to say: Hi Bob.. I am married to a Filipina and she’s been here for almost 3 years and all is well.. My Mother inlaw is also married to an American (retired Navy) and they are considering moving to the…

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Dear Feyma: Questions about moving back and dual citizenship!

Journey to the Philippines

I have some inquiries from Rose about moving back here to the Philippines and about dual citizenship. I’ve known her and we’ve been friends on social media for years now. We’ve been corresponding there lately. I’ve seen pictures of her son ever since knowing her. At that time the son was still a baby, and now…

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Just a reminder folks!

Aaron & Feyma

A few days ago me and Aaron went to the Department of Foreign Affairs or DFA to file for our Philippines passports. First time for Aaron to get a Philippine passport and a renewal Philippine passport for me. We’ve been wanting to go there since middle of last year, but didn’t get around to it…

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