Important Articles about Dual Citizenship

These articles constitute the core of Philippine Dual Citizenship.  If you have questions about Dual Citizenship, it is likely that the answers you are looking for lie in these articles and in the comments at the bottom of the articles.  Read these articles first, because it is highly likely that your answers are waiting for you in these articles!

Do you have to renounce your citizenship? If you are a foreigner and want to become a Dual Citizen in the Philippines, this article will tell you why that may not be possible.

Dual Citizenship for Kids If you have a child who is a Dual Citizen you probably have questions.  How long can your child stay in the Philippines?  Is your child overstaying and will he/she owe money for Visa fees or penalties?  What about how to get dual citizenship for your child?  It is all explained in this article, so have a look!

Q&A About Dual Citizenship If you have other questions about Dual Citizenship, read this informative Question and Answer article!  It might have the answer that you were wondering about!

Exit Procedure for Dual Citizens Are you a Dual Citizen? Getting ready to leave the Philippines?  Are you worried that there will be hassles at the airport because you have been in the Philippines a long time?  Maybe you don't have a Philippine Passport and are worried about leaving the country without one.  If any of these concerns are on your mind, read this article, it will tell you just what you need to know!

Si Feyma sa Coffee Club 101 sa GenSan. Gwapa sya kaayo!

My Dual Citizenship Status Read one person's journey toward becoming a Dual Citizen.  She tells about the hoops that you might have to jump through, the hassles along the way, and the ultimate success that she achieved in the process.

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