Paul Thompson

My New Sadistic Friend the Pain Giver

By Paul Thompson | April 30, 2018 | 27

I know it seems like I came to the Philippines just to complain about medical problems. It really wasn’t my plan but with hearing, vision, and intestine operations it seems never-ending. And so it is, there I was fat dumb and happy after solving my cataract dilemma with my “hoopty do” Audio Book reader. Which BTW, also evolved into this tale as well. It was a normal Wednesday morning on the mountain in Bataan, not an…

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Major Brain Farts

By Paul Thompson | April 23, 2018 | 15

As I rush towards age 71 years old I’ve noticed the brain farts seem to mount up and become more common every day. Yes, I’ve walked into a room and then stood there and wondered why I was there? A joke I posted on Facebook: I walked into a room yesterday and knew why I was there, but it was the bathroom! On the “Puter” I need to switch programs and close one out and…

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Wow, Talking Books again?

By Paul Thompson | April 16, 2018 | 17

I’ve made seven cross country trips (The USA) during my time both in the Navy and sailing for MSC, as you can surmise from the number of trips, they were not all round trip. But all were solitary or at least six trips were, most taken on I-10 Florida to California or vice-versa and one on I-20 California to Athens Georgia. I made most trips in one of two Lincoln and one in a CJ-…

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It Just Will Last a long Time

By Paul Thompson | April 9, 2018 | 33

Over the years I’ve written about how things you buy last forever here in the Philippines. I have no idea if products lasting that long is normal, or was it because I was single most of my life and moved before anything ever wore out. When I moved from San Diego CA. to Luquillo Beach Puerto Rico not much of my Stuff came with me. I sold or gave away most of my furnishings as…

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The Check is in the Mail

By Paul Thompson | April 2, 2018 | 23

My Tricare Health Insurance refuses to use my Retired Affairs FPO (Embassy address) and forwards all my mail to my home address in Bataan, even though the Philippines is never in a rush to get it there It arrives in Manila and is sorted and put in a Pile that says Bataan and other provinces. From there my mail is sent to Batangas Bataan where it is put in a pile Roosevelt (Mine) Bataan Barangay’s…

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What’s That Load Noise?

By Paul Thompson | March 26, 2018 | 24

Why I really dislike both Cell and Smart Phones. I remember when cell phones first became common for the masses. I was working at ABC Liquor in Treasure Island Florida and had my first encounter with a Yuppie that owned a “Brick”. He dashed over to me and demanded I stop waiting on a few customers to help him find his cell that he placed on a shelf and wandered away from. I explained that…

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