A day at Eden Nature Park!

Eden = A great Place to Visit

A few weeks ago I went with our girls to Eden Natures Park. It was a gift from Bob to our girls since they’ve been helping us when Bob was at the hospital. Bob asked them first what everyone likes to do. The girls chose to go to Eden, so we went there. The boys didn’t…

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Nothing On TV?

04 58 In. Replacement Smart TV

Note from the Editor:  He’s back!  Yep, Paul Thompson has been missed and today is his re-appearance here on LiP!  You should not expect that you will be seeing him weekly from here on out, give him a chance to heal from his sickness!  But, Paul will be continuing to make a comeback as he…

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Tuesday Afternoon

Here in the Philippines there is never much talk about space in relationships, unlike in the Western World, where it becomes a demand. How many times have you heard: “I need my space?” How much more space does your lady friend need? I was a merchant seaman gone for 4-6 months at a time, now…

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Entertainment Options

Netflix in the Philippines

2016 has, unexpectedly, turned into a year of options in the Martin household.  Entertainment options! About a month ago, Aaron wrote an article about how Netflix was launching in the Philippines.  At first, we didn’t think much about it, and didn’t even consider signing up.  Well, they did launch in the Philippines, I believe it…

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It Happens

Texas Joe's duscussing the Super Bowl

Albeit as I get older it happens more than I care to admit, s senior moment, it slipped my mind or the old Navy term “Major Brain fart” But here I was on Saturday morning ready to send an article to Fearless Leader Bob, and when I opened my LiP Pending folder a blank page…

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It’s A Small World

It's a Small World

The one part of a Disney Theme park that I disliked most was that Small World ride with that incessant song playing over and over and continuing for eight more hours in your head. It’s in your head now isn’t it? When I was a Navy Recruiter in Orlando Florida I was the Navy liaison…

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