EAM – Multi-topic

Today’s Expat Answerman Podcast is a little different. Today we cover several different topics and it is a longer episode than we have been doing. Let me know what you think. Do you like a podcast with several topics, or do you prefer a shorter podcast that focuses on one question and answer per episode?…

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EAM – Exchanging Money

Grandpa Bob with Jaijai - Friends forever

Lately I have been having a lot of questions from people asking me when I was going to do another podcast! I stopped doing them some time back for a couple of reasons. Firstly, I did not think that many people were listing. Secondly, this might the reason that fewer people were listening, a lot…

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Getting a Balikbayan Visa

If you are a regular reader of the site, you certainly know the procedure to get a Balikbayan Visa (Balikbayan Privilege) when you arrive in the Philippines.  You fly in to the Philippines with your Philippine spouse, she requests that you be given the Balikbayan Visa, and a 1 year Balikbayan Privilege stamp is placed…

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New tourist visas in the Philippines – EAM

Visa for tourists

Some time back, I got a question from my friend Bill.  He was wondering about tourist visas. How long could Bill stay on his tourist visa? How often would he need to renew or extend his visa? Where could he do the renewal?  Would he have to travel far to do the extension? Well, as…

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Money Exchange Tips – EAM

Recently, I got a voicemail through SpeakPipe (if you have a question for me look for the orange button down near the bottom of this post and you can also leave a question for me through SpeakPipe) from Mr. Jay Stainback.  Who is Jay Stainback?  Well, Jay is Mr. Peanut Butter in the Philippines! Seriously,…

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My 13a application didn’t go as I planned – EAM

There is lots of information about getting a 13(a) visa all over the Internet, even here on LiP.  But, of all of the answers available, not all of them go far enough.  Some of them only tell you what application to file, what supporting documents are needed, how much the fee is, stuff like that.…

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